ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch

The automatic Transfer switches ATS are intended for continuous power supply of ICT equipment (servers, network switches, routers, modems, etc.). The ATS23016 has two mains inputs, primary A and secondary B. In the event of a failure of primary power supply A, the switch switches to the secondary power source B without affecting the connected devices, thus allowing the redundant power supply of the connected equipment.


  1-phase ATS transfer switch
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Technical information:
Input voltage: 220/230/240 VAC , 50 Hz
Output voltage: 220/230/240 VAC , 50 Hz
Rated current: 16/10 A
Input connectors: 2x IEC C14
Output connectors: 5x IEC C13
Connection cables: 1x schuko-IEC C13, 1x IEC C13-IEC C14, (optional 2x IEC C13-CEE)
Communication: Ethernet interface (ATS23016E), relay output (ATS23016R)
Temperature range: 0-40 oC
Dimensions (mm): 485x 44 (1U)x 140
Weight (kg): 1,3
ATS23016 - basic model
ATS23016E - version with Ethernet/Web interface
ATS23016R - version with relay output (optional)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ATS3020RM xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
  STS stikalo 1 fazno  

1-phase ATS transfer switch
ATS 3020 RM: 16 A

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  STS1050, 2050, 1100, 2100      
  STS stikalo 1 fazno  

1-phase ATS transfer switch
STS1050, STS2050: 50 A
STS1100, STS2100: 100 A

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  3-phase STS transfer switch      
  STS stikalo 3 fazno  

STS350 - STS3600:
3x 50 A - 3x 600 A
STS4100 - STS4600:
3x 100 A - 3x 600 A

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