ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch

Servers and network devices such as routers, network switches and modems have often only one power supply. If the power supply is interrupted, many parts of the company can no longer access the network. To ensure an uninterrupted, redundant power supply for these devices and thus increase reliability, the use of ATS-Switches is an excellent and reliable solution.
Power supply via an ATS-Switch is also recommended for IT equipment with two power supplies.
In combination with UPS devices, a redundant N+1 power supply is easy to implement and thus significantly increase the availability of the power supply system. If the UPS needs servicing, the UPS can be disconnected. The secondary input of the ATS-Switch automatically takes over the power supply of the IT equipment. After the maintenance is complete, the UPS can be plugged back into the ATS-Switch input, turned on and the ATS-Switch switches back to the primary power supply of the IT equipment without interruption.
A mechanical service bypass is no longer required when using the ATS switch!

Automatic transfer switches increase the availability of power supply systems in the IT environment significantly!

Automatic transfer switch ATS23016
With the automatic transfer switch ATS23016 we supplement a wide product range for the uninterrupted power supply of IT equipment.
The ATS23016 has two network inputs, the primary A and the secondary B. If the primary network power supply A fails, the switch switches to the secondary power supply source B without affecting the connected devices, thus enabling a redundant power supply for the connected devices.
The switchover is performed in a few milliseconds and remains within the tolerance limits that the power supply of the IT equipment must allow in accordance with internationally applicable specifications and standards.
The LED display on the front of the ATS-Switch shows the status of the ATS switch.
The ATS switch ATS23016E has an integrated network card with which the performance of the ATS-Switch can be monitored via the WEB/LAN network. Connect the ATS-Switch to the LAN network via one of the two Ethernet ports (2x RJ45) of the network card on the front of the ATS-Switch.
Status change notifications can be received via email or SNMP notifications.
The ATS-Switch is intended for installation in 19" rack cabinets and occupies only 1U in height.

  1-phase ATS transfer switch
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Technical information:
Input voltage: 220/230/240 VAC , 50 Hz
Output voltage: 220/230/240 VAC , 50 Hz
Rated current: 16/10 A
Input connectors: 2x IEC C14
Output connectors: 5x IEC C13
Communication: Ethernet interface (ATS23016E), relay output (ATS23016R)
Temperature range: 0-40 oC
Dimensions (mm): 485x 44 (1U)x 140
Weight (kg): 1,3

                    Basic model
          With Ethernet/Web interface
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  STS1050, 2050, 1100, 2100      
  STS stikalo 1 fazno  

1-phase ATS transfer switch
STS1050, STS2050: 50 A
STS1100, STS2100: 100 A

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  3-phase STS transfer switch      
  STS stikalo 3 fazno  

STS350 - STS3600:
3x 50 A - 3x 600 A
STS4100 - STS4600:
3x 100 A - 3x 600 A

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Automatic Transfer Switch
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