Our company offers:

- service connection and installation

- preparation services installations

- various measurements

- full service maintenance UPS devices

- service support (help with the occurrence of errors, malfunctions, installation, coupling..)

- customer service (changing batteries, cleaning, maintenance, error correction, ...)

Services performed in a short response time and at competitive prices

Contact details of our service:

Company: LUMIC d.o.o.

Adress: Kremplova ul. 2, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Phone: 00386-2-25-21-310


Report a failure:

When reporting a failure we need the following basic information:

 - type of UPS

 - serial no. of the UPS

 - description of the failure

 - contact: contact person, e-mail address, tel. no. ...

Contact us
   Tel.:   +386 2 25 21 310
   Mob.: +386 41 70 53 29
   Fax:   +386 2 25 21 360
   E-mail:  Sales
                   E-mail:  Support
Exhibited products
UPS serije Minerva
Dvojna pretvorba
10-30 kVA, 3F/3F
Možnost paralelne vezave
Izredno ugodna cena
UPS Kess91RT
dvojna pretvorba, 1-10 kVA, tower/rack, možnost paralelne vezave
UPS Kess51RT
line interaktivni, 750-3000 VA, čista sinusna napetost, tower/rack
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